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[SOLD OUT] OUBLIETH "À l'Ombre du Royaume en Cendres" CD

[SOLD OUT] OUBLIETH "À l'Ombre du Royaume en Cendres" CD

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Import from Quebec. Pro CD limited to 500 copies.

The second album of Moribond's ambient project sees him plunge back into his exploration of the kingdom of Stillmoor. Always at the crossroads between what could be called Dungeon Synth and minimalist soundtracks, Oublieth has nevertheless enriched and improved its sounds on this second opus, while remaining faithful to the foundation that allowed its first album to be a most welcome introduction to the genre. Once again, the project has been recorded with analog synthesizers, comes with a superb Stephen Fabian cover art, and is strictly limited to 500 copies.

Pro-Tape edition coming on Out of Season later.

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