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[SOLD OUT] RABBIT WITCH "March of the Warren" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] RABBIT WITCH "March of the Warren" Cassette Tape

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The warren of rabbits emerge under the moonlight to feast on their favorite field of clover. When they find the field has been destroyed by men with plans to expand parking spaces, the lamenting hares are sent out under the spell of the mysterious Rabbit Witch, who turns them into a vengeful army of lagomorphic minions with bloodlust. The warren march to get their revenge on the men who took their clover from them, while the enchanting song of the Witch leads them on...

"This is a beautiful reminder of why I love the genre. It's a journey back to my childhood, sitting cross-legged in front of my Commodore 64, or Atari, playing pixelated games that drew me into stories and adventures that required imagination and starry-eyed vision. A true delight! Thanks to the artist! All hail the Rabbit Witch!" ~matt

Dungeon Tapes label.

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