SAGENHAFT "Aere Perennius" 2xTape Box w/ patch (Lim. 100)
Ancient Meadow

SAGENHAFT "Aere Perennius" 2xTape Box w/ patch (Lim. 100)

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Professionally duplicated and printed double sized Norelco case. Includes an embroidered/woven logo patch and large cardstock inlay. Limited to 100.

Sagenhaft was founded in 1994 by Gianluca Martucci, with the intent to transpose in music the magical atmosphere of ancient legends lost in time...

Legendary old school dungeon synth act Sagenhaft is presented with this discography double-cassette special edition boxset which includes previously unreleased material. Sagenhaft's early material is genre-defining in dungeon synth and represents one of the earliest projects laden with typical late medieval era tropes and motifs so prevalent in the genre today.

Double-Cassette Compilation
TAPE IA ('Lapideus Liber')
TAPE IB ('The Legend of the Forgotten Reign')
TAPE IIA ('A Long Forgotten Legend')
TAPE IIB (additional, unreleased material)


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