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[SOLD OUT] SEQUESTERED KEEP "Era 2" Double Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] SEQUESTERED KEEP "Era 2" Double Cassette Tape

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Limited to 300 copies, in double clear norelco box. Includes massive 6 panel, double-sided foldout O-card insert measuring 20"x5" (500mm x 125mm) and two white shell cassettes with black ink imprint on both sides. Sealed copies, with bandcamp download redemption card included. 

This collection is comprised of 4 Sequestered Keep albums recorded in 2016, representing "Era 2" of this artist's journey. Collects "Might of An Ancient Tale", "Dawn of Battle", "Longlost" and "Magic Amidst the Falling Leaves" - 30 tracks of fantasy battle ambient in all, with a total run-time of nearly 2.5 hours, perfect for your next gaming session.

Tracks 1-9 originally released as "Might of An Ancient Tale" (2016)
Tracks 10-17 originally released as "Dawn of Battle" (2016)
Tracks 18-25 originally released as "Longlost" (2016)
Tracks 26-30 originally released as "Magic Amidst the Falling Leaves" (2016)

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