[SOLD OUT] SIVYJ YAR "Burial Shrouds" CD [Сивый Яр]
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[SOLD OUT] SIVYJ YAR "Burial Shrouds" CD [Сивый Яр]

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Import from Italy. 

"Melodic and atmospheric black metal from Russia with several folk influences and really interesting arranged in matter of songwriting is SIVYJ YAR's business. It is a pleasure to listen to the albums and they do not become boring as they find the right balance between complexity and catchiness!" H.L., bandcamp review

"One of the best atmo-black albums you can buy. The aggression is haunting and the melodic parts harrowing. It also tells an engrossing story, all within an effective and direct 40 minutes." El_Cuervo, bandcamp review

"This is a truly wonderful album. Very emotional, and athmospheric. I have been listening to this album non-stop for months now. I definitely recommend this if you are into athmospheric black metal." Chris Oliver, bandcamp review 

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