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[SOLD OUT] SOJOURNER "The Shadowed Road" CD [Digipak]

[SOLD OUT] SOJOURNER "The Shadowed Road" CD [Digipak]

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Digipak w/ 24 page booklet insert. Import from Italy.

"The follow-up to 2016’s Empires of Ash, The Shadowed Road is hereto a decidedly rich and expansive blast of melody and atmosphere, un-tied to geography, bowing to the oftentimes scenic tapestry of pagan black metal" -

"What I love most about this release is that Sojourner have shown how seriously they are taking their specific brand of black / folk metal. They have honed and matured in every way possible, seeming to click into place exactly where they wanted to be upon the formation of the band." -

"Every ounce that Sojourner brings to the table here is the very definition of organic metal with all seven tracks being true roller-coasters of entertainment as we fly around the mountains to the sound of a beautiful tin flute, reflecting on friends now enemies from the amazing vocals (all of them, not just the growls), and enjoy peace overcoming darkness from the masterful sense of musicianship that permeates every song, note, and second of The Shadowed Road." -

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