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[SOLD OUT] UUNTAR "Voorvaderverering" CD

[SOLD OUT] UUNTAR "Voorvaderverering" CD

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Epic and melodic pagan black metal - battle music for the fallen kings of the past! Primordial music in the classic Scandinavian riff-based tradition, recorded in a primitive way and written with a focus on bombastic and majestic melodies, completed with ancient historical lyrics and writings.

Uuntar (ancient Germanic for "winter") is a humble dedication to warriors and their traditions long gone - both melancholic as well as honourable. It is a nostalgic retrospect on old values and customs, in particular focusing around burial rites, dolmens and grave mounds in the north-east of the country.

The album "Voorvaderverering" (Dutch for "ancestral worship”) was recorded in 2010 by Herjann (Heimdalls Wacht, Cultus, ex-Countess, ex-Mordaehoth) and Nortfalke (Kjeld, ex-Lugubre, Tarnkappe, Standvast) - two veterans in the Dutch metal scene - but not released until now. The album was self-produced by the band so expect an unpolished sound that captures the cold winter atmosphere and charactaristic smell from the forests of Grouninga, Tuianti and Threant.

Heiden's Hart label. Import from the Netherlands. Comes with 8 page booklet on rough paper with all lyrics, photos, etc.

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