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[SOLD OUT] V/A "Melkor's Dungeon" compilation cassette tape (lim.50)

[SOLD OUT] V/A "Melkor's Dungeon" compilation cassette tape (lim.50)

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Limited to 50 copies. Dedicated to the glorious dungeon-goers of Melkor's fine establishment.. ne'er in all my days have I been graced with such fine company as this. So thus, I raise a toast to tavern-folks, the spinning of tales, and friendships forged under such unlikely circumstances as these. Adventure on!


The artists involved began crafting this quite some time ago, with only the writing prompt “You Meet in a Tavern..”. We all liked the idea of collaborating on a themed tape and wanted to do so for a charitable cause.

In light of recent events, we decided that the best way to do this would be to provide some level of humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine. With a combined effort and some help from many wonderful artists in the DS scene, we were able to put this collaboration together, and will be donating all proceeds to the International Red Cross, for relief in the war in Ukraine.

1. Chattox - Fell, Fox, Fen 02:57
2. Cursebitten - Drink Up Compatriots! We Ride at Dawn 02:22
3. Darksol - Tale of the Frozen Bard 03:11
4. Elminster - The Black Swan 03:00
5. Elyvilon - Such Unlikely Circumstances As These 04:10
6. Erang - Feast of the Night 02:25
7. Ferrydor Archive - Hark! By the Hearth a Mythsmith Regales 04:43
8. Forgotten Relic - Unearthing the Hilt of the Woodland Hermit 04:48
9. Hermit Knight - Of Flowing Mead and Glowing Embers 04:34
10. Runesong - Old Roads, New Friends 04:11
11. Sylvanum - Fireside Tales of Glory and Yore 03:50
12. Thanaphos - Thread of Light 04:56
13. Willow Tea - A Dangerous Business 03:51
14. WindGeist - What Lurks in the Cellar 04:55

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