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VALE MINSTREL "Warden of the Vale" vinyl LP (180g)

VALE MINSTREL "Warden of the Vale" vinyl LP (180g)

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Masterful debut of neomedieval ambient/neoclassical synth music from the venerated Vale Minstrel. This work is an instant classic in the vein of Fief, DIM, or Hole Dweller. This record puts on display the Minstrel’s obvious mastery of arrangement and composition. Rarely does an artist’s first record show such maturity, but Vale Minstrel has broken the mold. We are honored to bring this celebrated debut to you on heavy-weight 180g black vinyl. Full-color  jacket with black inner-sleeve.

Vale Minstrel has tagged this release with “JRPG” among other things. The more I think about it the more I am inclined to believe this music would be perfect for a cozy new gen RPG set in some distant land. Warden of the Vales full dedication to fantasy themes is evident with music that is both immersive and competent. – Kaptain Carbon

This is everything I love about medieval dungeon synth. Whimsical escapism in fields of ethereal nostalgia and longing. It is difficult to believe that such well crafted melodies are a first release from this artist. Vale Minstrel kills it. – “Branden”

Artwork by Silvana Massa (

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