VAMPYR "Hypnagogia" cassette tape [Вампырь]
Black Casket Records

VAMPYR "Hypnagogia" cassette tape [Вампырь]

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Import from Latvia. Bradpack cover, Violet shell tape with UV print.

"This album is very, very good. Not as "raw" as I've heard some albums in a similar vein, the production value and cleanliness on the tracks is very much welcomed. Haunting melodies throughout the entire album, each note of every line really draws you in to the next. Vocals are tortured yet fervent and poetic. Melodic and necrotic, this album is top ten easily for me as of late." -QQBeastMode

"Great album. A production well filthy, a macabre ambiance, lo-fi Black Metal from Ukraine pretty excellent with a crude necro sound. Insane atmosphere, well raw and nightly. Powerful, hateful, good artwork and pvre fvcking great Ukrainian band." -darkenedspirit


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