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[SOLD OUT] VANDALORUM "Mesopotamian Death Cult" vinyl LP (color w/ OBI & RPG Module!)

[SOLD OUT] VANDALORUM "Mesopotamian Death Cult" vinyl LP (color w/ OBI & RPG Module!)

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Import from Italy.

The legend of the god Pazuzu cult is quite common along the banks of the Eufri river... In the taverns of the city of Mesopoli, you can hear about enormous treasures hidden inside its ancient temple excavated in the depths of the mountain. Pazuzu was a great evil god worshiped by an empire buried in the folds of the centuries.

Your name is Yamade and you are a warrior-priestess of the Sun-God Lamaztu’s cult. But all those rules were not for you and you decided to change your life and go for adventure in search of treasures and riches. You are a good fighter quite skilled with the short sword and you know some good healing spells. After days of research, you managed to buy a map from an old smuggler that clearly shows the entrance to the ancient temple. You decide to start for adventure trusting in your strength and courage...




Oh yeah, we are really happy to present this release! This is an incredibly varied and vigorous classic dungeon synth album, by a truly excellent and loved author, the mighty VANDALORUM.

"Mesopotamian death cult" is the soundtrack of a fantasy RPG scenario in the classic HDK style: each track is linked to a situation on the dungeon map, for a truly exciting and engaging exploration experience!

Collect all the OSR releases of the HDK Dungeonostalgie series and use them to write adventure modules for your favorite rule system and to play (and listen!) with friends!  

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