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[SOLD OUT] WARLOCK CORPSE / SIEGE GOLEM "Split" Cassette Tape (lim.150)

[SOLD OUT] WARLOCK CORPSE / SIEGE GOLEM "Split" Cassette Tape (lim.150)

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Limited to 150 copies. Sealed pro-tape with 4 panel j-card insert + Bandcamp download card.

EU: This can be ordered via Forsaken Relics distro

Two projects from Russia exploring the boundaries of the "dungeon synth" genre have teamed up to create this split.
The paths that run through the ruins of castles and forgotten cemeteries intertwine, connecting paths and changing the goals of various travelers.

A body without a native soul and a soul without a native body.

Having united their strength and silence, they continue on their way until the path points to a new one.

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