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[SOLD OUT] WINTAAR "Into Darkness We Return" CD [Digipak]

[SOLD OUT] WINTAAR "Into Darkness We Return" CD [Digipak]

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Import from France. Digipak limited to 500 copies.

Frosty, Cold Black Metal... The leading theme of the album (as well as almost all of my work) is death in various forms and the fact that this is the only thing that exactly happens to everyone. Therefore, Into Darkness We Return!

"The Spirit of Mengkva" and "The Fate of Humlalt" were written under the influence of the book “Cherdyn – The Princess of Mountains (The Heart of Parma)” by Alexei Ivanov. The last track is recorded with the gusli (traditional Russian folk instrument). There is a lot of unusual sounds in this album and it is full of strange riffs. Again many elements from different years. But this is still Wintaar!

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