YAOTL MICTLAN "Guerros de la Tierra de los Muertos" CD
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YAOTL MICTLAN "Guerros de la Tierra de los Muertos" CD

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Jewel case with booklet. Recorded in 2006.

"Always when you think that the creative potential of a genre like black metal or death metal must be completely exhausted, there comes along a band whose music breathes new life into the genre and restores your faith in its ability to generate exciting music. One such band is the Mexican black / death metal group Yaotl Mictlan, currently based in Utah... who combine black / death metal with elements of indigenous Mexican Aztec and Mayan music such as flutes that sound like birds, rattles and tribal drumming, and then to release an amazingly accomplished and self-confident album which among other things details some of the legends and stories of Aztec culture such as the founding of the city Tenochtitlan in the Valley of Mexico ("Aztlan")..." -metal-archives.com

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